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Going abroad for leisure or business – even for a couple of days – often means living in your hotel bedroom. So we brought together the best apartments in Amsterdam for a better stay. We offer short stay city apartments and premium services that will make you feel right at home.

The perfect locations.

What is the advantage of a short stay if we do not offer the best locations? We offer different serviced apartments in interesting places throughout the center of Amsterdam. It is all about freedom of choice.

Quality of stay.

Staying abroad: why does this always have to be at a generic hotel room, which, in most cases, only offers you a place to sleep and has a shower? This is the question we asked ourselves and that made us found this company.
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Keep things personal.

We like to keep things personal. We meet all of our guests face to face during a personal check-in and offer 24/7 phone support. To us it is not a business of locations but rather a business of people.

Free advantages.

Personal check-in To get you on your way in the best possible way.
Receive a city map on arrival Do not forget to take one of our free city maps with you!
Free WiFi A 1-hour pass for only 3 bucks? No way Jose! Our WiFi is fast & free throughout your stay.
Local recommendations Our free local recommendations will make your stay even better.
Free toiletries, towels and linens All these services are free of charge.
Professional cleaning Because a good den is a clean den, right?
24/7 phone support Any questions? We have the answers!
Anything else? Just let us know. We will be happy to help you out.

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